Thursday, March 22, 2018

Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing-Split


Seattle metal bands Into the Storm and Smooth Sailing have teamed up to release this simply-stellar split. Due for release tomorrow, the six-track recording features two tracks by Into The Storm and four tracks by Smooth Sailing. Starting off with the fittingly-named Into the Storm, tracks "Murder Murder Murder" and "So how do you explain all the dead unicorns?" showcase the noisy sounds of this stoner/sludgy modern metal band. Both tracks are epic in their own way, but it's the opening single "Murder Murder Murder" that really wrecks your mind and makes you want to hear what else this heavy-hitting band has up it's sleeves! Formed in 2010, Into the Storm has slowly but surely evolved into a truly-formidable outfit that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated!! Moving past these Seattle sludge warriors, Smooth Sailing might not have the most metallic moniker out there, but their music more than makes up for it! Armed with killer riffs and a beast-mode mentality, Smooth Sailing also flirts with stoner rock, sludge metal, and modern metal on their four tracks. Unlike Into the Storm, Smooth Sailing also tosses heavy (post) rock into the mix. Add in some progressive metal and a brief spot or two of space rock and you have this aggressive metal band that knows how to keep things interesting. It's for that reason that I actually prefer Smooth Sailing's tracks. That being said, Into the Storm is all kinds of awesome in their own right. When you combine these two extreme groups on a split like this the results speak for themselves. Available for pre-order by heading here here, this split release is proof positive that the Seattle metal scene is not only alive, but more menacing than ever!

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