Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Singles: Awaken Shepherd-"Speed"


Awaken Shepherd is a (hard & heavy) alternative rock band from Austria that takes it's cues from both heavy metal and pop-rock. The group is fronted by Harald Johann Zettl (aka: "Johnny Paper") and includes Werner Jauk (lead guitar), Heinz Schwarzäugl (rhythm guitar), Mathias Rak (bass), and Nino Markgraf (drums). Due out on March 16th, "Speed" is the 2nd single from the group's upcoming debut album, "Into The Light". It is a (short & sweet) foot-tapper with graceful vocals and a catchy chorus. At three minutes in length, "Speed" sounds as if it is destined for airplay on both alternative rock and (modern-day) rock radio stations. You can check out the official video for "Speed" below.

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