Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Singles: Toxikull-“Nightraiser”

Mosher Records and Firecum Records

Formed in 2016 (and previously known as Toxic Room), Toxikull is a (killer!) Portuguese speed/thrash metal band that sports one bass ass moniker! Thank the metal gods above and below then that their latest single, "Nightraiser", lives up to the group's fucking wicked name!! Fronted by the brothers Lex Thunder (Midnight Priest) and Michael Blade, Toxikull* goes straight for the jugular with the raw and utterly ruthless "Nightraiser"! It mixes classic speed metal and thrash with modern heavy/thrash metal. Filled with great guitar work, a sick rhythm section,  and demonic screams from hell, this headbanger clocks in at just over five minutes! Well-written and all but guaranteed to start a mosh pit(!), "Nightraiser" also serves as the title cut for the band's upcoming EP. If this sinister single is anything to go by, "The Nightraiser" EP might just be one of the best speed/thrash metal releases of 2018! We can only hope. While we wait for that moment, this monster of a metal moment can be experienced by checking out the video below. Enjoy!

*Possessed by the spirits of old school heavy metal, speed metal, and thrash, Toxikull also includes bassist/vocalist Armageddon (Booze Abuser, Okkultist) and drummer The Lorke.

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