Friday, March 09, 2018

Vampire Death-Demos 2017


Formed in 2016 and featuring members of the heavy/doom metal band Arkham Witch, Vampire Death is a (old school-loving) punk rock/horror rock trio from Keighley, UK that is lead by vocalist/guitarist Moshferatu. Influences seem to include The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, The Damned, The Cramps, T.S.O.L., Sex Pistols, and The Exploited. In addition to Moshferatu (guitars and mad mad vox!), Vampire Death includes drummer/metal goddess Countess Bashery and bassist/backing vocalist Klankenstein. Preceded in life by the full-length "Horror Soul", Vampire Death released "Demos 2017" back in late November of 2017. Available on CD and as a digital download, this 12-track album is a must for fans of British punk and horror punk!

Song titles include "Brother Blood and Sister Syn", "On the Prowl", "Dracula has Risen from the Grave", "Coffin Dweller", "Barbarians!", "Headbangers!", and "Skullface". That alone should tell you something about this fun act! If you need more proof though then why not head over to the group's bandcamp page and hear this ghoulish gem for yourself? You can find both "Demos 2017" and "Hour Soul" at this link.

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