Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Eryn Non Dae.-Abandon Of The Self


French metal band Eryn Non Dae., formed in 2001 as END and currently comprised of Mathieu Nogues (vocals), Franck Quintin (guitars), Yann Servanin (guitars), Mickaël André (bass), and Julien Rufié (drums), makes their long-awaited return with "Abandon Of The Self". It was back in mid-December of 2013 when I first covered this dark & experimental metal band (link). . It's taken them close to five and a half years to release a follow-up to "Meliora". Released on March 9th, 2018, "Abandon Of The Self" is the group's third full-length album and their most haunting release to date! Once again mixing in elements of post-rock, depressive rock, sludge rock (mostly in regards to the gnarly guitar riffs!), post-metal, modern metal, and extreme metal, Eryn None Dae. (now coming at you with an extra period at the end!) strikes back at a scene that has dared to forget about them! Heavy, harsh, and as abrasive as ever(!), this bleak and extremely-atmospheric album never loses it's focus...even as it comes crashing towards you like a runaway train possessed by the devil himself!! Comprised of seven wicked wasteland songs, with the shortest one ("Eclipse") clocking in at 4:31 and the longest one ("Halo") running past the 10 minute mark!, "Abandon Of The Self" is like every nightmare I have ever had-only 1,000 times as EXTREME!! As someone who doesn't mind the zombie themes, demonic appearances, and slasher filled moments that constitute an avenge night's rest for me*, that apt-description comes with crocked smile and a pair of devil horns throw high up in the air!! Available on compact disc, vinyl, as a digital download, this 7-track recording is the absolute best studio release that this French outfit has ever released! Dark & dreary, angry, and filled to the tilt with apocalyptic-like rage, "Abandon Of The Self" gets a 10 out of 10 grade and comes with my highest recommendations!!

*I take several medications that are known to cause vivid dreams. At this point in time I have grown so accustomed to the extreme nightmares that it more surprising when I don't have one!

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