Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Kut-Valley Of Thorns

Criminal Records/Cargo Records

The brainchild of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Princess Maha, The Kut is a female alternative rock/grunge band that will release it's full-length debut on May 4th, 2018. With ten tracks in all, "Valley of Thorns" is a strong release that finds Princess Maha handling all of vocals and instruments. In a live setting (which more than likely offers a sweet sonic assault to the eardrums!) it is Princess Maha and a few of her female friends. With that piece of information out of the way, "Valley Of Thorns" deserves it's time in the spotlight. Let's take a look at the tracks one at a time. Starting things off we have the single "Mind Games" (see official video below). Falling somewhere between Melissa Auf der Maur's first solo album and a poor man's Hole, this three minute plus number wouldn't be my first choice to open an album, but it is decent enough to get the job done. From there we jump straight into the punk rock and roll track, "Hollywood Rock n Roll". Now this is more like it! Clocking in at just shy of three minutes, "Hollywood Rock n Roll" is a damn fun number that I could easily see G N' R covering! It's short and it's sweet. Slightly more punk than dirty rock and roll, this wicked little jam would have been my first choice to open the album. Next up we have "No Trace"". No doubt inspired by the band Hole, this one runs close to four minutes in length. It's a so-so number that is followed by "I Want Your Maniac". This one has L7 written all over it. From there we move on to "Rush Hour". Weirdly enough this rock song reminded me of Chrissie Hyde. As someone who likes her solo work and the cool stuff that she did with  The Pretenders, "Rush Hour" offered a nice change of pace. "I am Vain" is next and we are treated to L7-styled grunge rock that almost crosses over into heavy metal territory. The Hole meets The Murderdolls/Marilyn Manson track, "Alekhine's Gun" comes next. Personally I've got mixed feelings about this one, but I honestly see a lot of people liking this twisted track. Moving forward we have "X-Ray Eyes". Here we have classic Hole merging together with Soul Asylum and (early) Goo Goo Dolls! That might sound bad on paper, but in real life it is a vintage-sounding rocker that most certainly would have charted back in the day! "Bad Man" comes on next and it is a blast!! Take Motörhead and cross it with The Runaways. Next up you'll want to give it a bit of a modern vibe. Finnish it off with some harsh vocals that take a step or two the punk/hardcore scene and you get a number like "Bad Man". Towards the end this heavy rocker cranks up the urgency and the anger! All in all this one slays!! The last track is called "Mario". This one starts off with some love for Lemmy and the boys before it turns into a grunge-light rocker with a rather boring chorus. Ultimately it never really goes anywhere. While that is a shame, "Valley Of Thorns" has more going for it than against it. There are some fantastic riffs on this album and Princess Maha is a killer lead vocalist. As someone that just loves powerful women who know how to rock the living daylights out the stage and studio, Princess Maha's alter-ego gets major props for their first full-length album. This one gets a 7 out of 10 with the added bit about how I simply cannot wait to hear more!!

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