Monday, May 07, 2018


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British heavy metal band Monument will release "Hellhound" on May 25th, 2018. Preceded in life by 2016's "Hair of the Dog", this 12-track recording* serves as the group's third full-length album since forming in 2011. Opening by way of  the solid "William Kidd" (see official video below), "Hellhound" finds lead singer Peter Ellis (ex-The More I see, ex-White Wizzard) and crew once again mixing together the best parts of of N.W.O.B.H.M. (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) and traditional heavy metal (everything from Anvil to Rainbow). With production courtesy of  Tony Newton, Monument's forthcoming album is arguably the strongest effort to date from this extremely-talented lot! Frankly-speaking, everything about this album rocks!! Having aimed for the "live" sound of these London metal merchants, Tony's Newton's slick production highlights Peter Ellis' soaring vocals, the thunder and lightening sensation that is the rhythm section of "Hellhound", and the album's (epic and simply tremendous!) lead guitar solos! With each and every number offering something new and exciting(!), "Hellhound" is traditional heavy metal at it's absolute finest!! It is obvious that a lot of hard work went into the construction of the songs of this high-flying disc! And the individual performances? The fact is everyone has put their best foot forward on this must-have release. Packed with heavy metal glory that will blow more than a few minds, "Hellhound" is what happens when every member of a band gives 100% effort in a studio setting. As good as all of the material is musically, Monument's new album would be wasted if the songs weren't well-written. Thank the maker of all that is metal that this isn't the case. Lyrically the album covers a lot of ground (per Monument's awesome lead singer the lyrics touch on history, urban London life, the occult and personal relationships) while musically this is what makes British heavy metal so great to begin with. It's not only the blazing leads and stunning vocals, but the beautiful way in which melody and metal madness work so well together. Ending by way of two choice cover songs (one from Rainbow and the other one from Iron Maiden), "Hellhound" is all about waving the flag proudly for true heavy metal! If you are a fan of top of the line British heavy metal, this forthcoming album should be a part of your personal collection!!

*The CD consists of 12 tracks (9 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks) while the limited-edition vinyl version will only have the 9 "normal" tracks.

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