Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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Hey, there. Yes, we  have not posted anything in a while. Particularly me. I have been listening to a lot but writing very little other than a few lines here and there over at our Facebook page. Hoping to change that soon. Can't guarantee when exactly, but I'm aiming to get reviews out of the latest from Lizzy Borden, Lucifer, Kissin' Dynamite and the full length debut from Iron Hunter. I have not done an interview in years, but I briefly shook off the laziness when I saw a call out for interviews with Death tribute act Gruesome so I fired off some questions to them and will post those once I get them back.

I'm currently listening to-
All the albums above I said I'll review soon plus..
DRI-Four of a kind
Death- Human, Spiritual Healing
Gruesome-Twisted Prayers
Exhumed-Death Revenge
Armored Saint-Symbol of salvation re-issue
YOB-Our raw heart

World Cup of course
Too many past episodes of Storage Wars
Arena football (yeah, I know, I know)

various cookbooks and not much else

Waiting for-

***What are you listening to?

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