Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Dungeon Wolf-Metal's Back



Lead by Deryck Heignum (vox/guitars), Dungeon Wolf is a three-piece U.S. metal band that was last heard from on 2017's "Slavery Or Steel". Recorded at Analog Vintage Studios in Florida, "Metal's Back" is the sophomore release from this gritty outfit that defies easy categorization. Mixing and mashing together elements of epic metal, doom metal, and power metal with the unrelenting, one-two punch that is raw metal/garage metal, Dungeon Wolf 's latest recording is a welcome return to the days when heavy metal was mean & ugly! Everything about this album just screams old-school!! From the unpolished/edgy production to the non-PC lyrics, "Metal's Back" is an appropriate title for this throw-back affair that had me deliriously day dreaming about late-80s/90s underground & unsigned metal maniacs!  Self-recorded and distributed, Dungeon Wolf's second album is eight tracks of pure, unfiltered rage in a bottle just waiting to be released upon the world! For more information on this CD release be sure to contact to drop a message to Deryck on Facebook.

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