Friday, October 21, 2005

Lemmy keeps rolling on

Lemmy will turn 60 next year and he was recently asked if he would retire and said he wouldn't at this point because he enjoys the lifestyle too much. Jon Lord of Deep Purple said he would retire when he turned 60. His 60th birthday came shortly after he finished tour and he retired. The music business is so different from the usual 9-5 that it has to be up to the individual and how they feel about retiring or going on. At that point in their careers, they don't have anything to prove so I guess it just becomes a matter of how much you enjoy touring and how your body and mind at that point. I support Lemmy in whatever he wants to do because he has been such a solid example of perseverance and consistency in not just the metal world, but in the music world. He can never get too much respect in my book because he has endured getting booted from Hawkwind, the first Motorhead album being shelved, legal problems and lots of line-up changes not to mention the number of changes and fads in music that have and gone since he has been in the business. Yet through it all he has kept on putting out albums and touring. Motorhead have eventually gotten their dues to some extent yet Lemmy seems to remain being the same person he has always been.


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