Saturday, January 07, 2006

Departed in 2005

I meant to write this before the New Year, but that did not happen. I wanted to say a few words about some people who passed away in 2005, one from my life and two musicians.

I had a friend and co-worker who lost her two and a half year battle with cancer. She had a tough life, but she was one of the most upbeat people that I have ever met. She was always excited about life and friendly to everyone no matter what. She taught me to calm down some at work trying and to worry too far ahead. I saw her three weeks before she passed away and even then she was still hopeful that she could come back to work. She got to see her oldest son get married just hours before she passed away. She will be greatly missed.

David Wayne was the former singer of Metal Church and Reverend. He was in a bad car accident early last year and then died from complications relating to the accident on May 10th, 2005. He was 47 years old. I remember the first time I heard Metal Church's The dark in the fall of 1986. The first thing I noticed was Wayne's rough vocals and how they truly added to heavy sound of Metal Church. He left Metal Church and formed his own band Reverend for a while and later returned for a Metal Church reunion album. At the time of his accident he was working on writing new material for an album.

Barry Stern is probably not that familiar to that many people, but he was the drummer and singer for Chicago based speed metal band Zoetrope for two albums in mid-late 1980's. He achieved more fame when he joined fellow Chicago band Trouble as their drummer for two albums in the early 90's. These were probably Trouble's most popular albums. He later played with Debris Inc. and D-connect. Details of his death are a little sketchy, but apparently he died from complications during surgery on April 1st. I am a big fan of Zoetrope and I like Trouble as well. He was an energetic drummer with both bands and a solid singer with Zoetrope, he was playing in bands up until his death.


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That's too bad about your friend. How come it's always the cool, upbeat, funny people who die young? I want to see some a-hole die young for a change.

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