Saturday, February 11, 2006

Two of a kind

I have talked before about band names, but this one earns a post unto itself. Tigertailz were a glam band from Wales and quite honestly one of my favorite glam bands. They were a little like Poison and Motley Crue, but with some heavier influences as well. They formed in the mid 80's and released an album called Young and Crazy in 1987. Shortly afterwards they kicked out their singer Stevie Jaimz and replaced him with a guy named Kim Hooker. Jaimz was supposedly kicked out for substance abuse, but his version is they were all doing the same things and that his exit had more to do with control in the band as he had written a lot of their material. They continued on doing a few albums and had some success in the early 90's, but eventually called it a day around 96. Then in 2003 Jaimz met with Ace Finchum who had been the drummer for Tigertailz and they decided to resurrect the band and they hired a new bass player and guitarist to do so. Jaimz also released an album of Tigertailz demos from 86-88 called Original Sin in 2004. Well, in 2004 the other original members bass player Pepsi Tate, guitarist Jay Pepper plus second singer Kim Hooker also decided to reform Tigertailz. So now there are two Tigertailz both playing shows in the UK and guess what, both are set to release albums in the next few months. I don't know the specifics, but my guess is that both parties have rights to the name or else one would have been stopped by now. You wouldn't think one set of people would want the name Tigertailz let alone two, but that is the case. However, I liked these guys and wish both sides the best although I always thought Stevie Jaimz was a better singer than Kim Hooker, but they had more success with Kim Hooker.

Just a reminder that Movie Week starts tomorrow. I will be kicking things off with a review of Wayne's World, yes, Wayne's World, party time, excellent.


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I am just now really getting into Tigertailz' music, though I've been aware of them since 1988. It has been THAT difficult to locate any of their albums. I am just now getting into YOUNG AND CRAZY, I've been playing it everyday, multiple times a day. It is a glam metal classic. I also have BEZERK now, which is great, though I think I prefer the debut's TOO FAST FOR LOVE-like rawness to the Alice Cooper-like production of BEZERK, but having said that, BEZERK is killer too, and Kim Hooker's voice is awesome. I'm having a hard time deciding which line-up to follow more intensely, as both have a unique glam sound that sets them apart from their contemporaries.
Nic Shade

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