Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I have been tagged

I was tagged by LINDA so here it goes.

Four Jobs I've had
1-Librarian (the job I have had for the last seven years)
2-Teacher's assistant
4-Forktruck driver

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and over
1-Wizard of Oz
2-Army of darkness
3-The good, the bad and the ugly
4-Planet of the apes (the original of course)

Four Places I Have lived
3-Maryville, Tn.
4-Anniston, Al.

Four TV Shows I Love (I watch very few current so these are old)
1-Star Trek
2-I love Lucy

Four Places I Have vacationed
I'll have to pass on this one because I have had very few vacations in my life.

Four of my Favorite foods
1-Chinese food
2- Meatloaf

Four Sites I Visit Daily
4-Metal Sludge

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
I am at home right so there is no other place I would rather be.

The last one was where I was supposed to tag four other people, but I think I will change the question and do this instead.....

Four albums I never get tired of
1-Iron Maiden-The number of the beast
2-Black Sabbath-Sabbath, bloody Sabbath
4-Rush-Permanent Waves


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