Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day

This might be one of the last blogs where you would expect to find a topic about Mother's day, but here it is. My mother and I had a lot of go arounds when I was teenager about the music I listen, my hair, the pictures of bands I had on my wall and my grades in school. This went on for about the entire four years of high school and sometimes I got so mad at her. I considered moving out and I considered quitting school, but I stayed and graduated. After high school I got a job, but continued to live at home and the situation with my mother calmed down a lot because I didn't see her as much. When I was 22 I was tired of working in a warehouse, but didn't think that I had many other choices. My mother urged me to go to college, but my grades were horid in high school. She urged me to try because it would give me more options. I grudgingly tried and got accepted to a school I didn't think would take me. My freshman year was rough from being out of school for so long, but I stuck it out. During that year I had a lot of phone conversations with my parents and they helped me out just by talking to me. Anyway I made it through college and now I actually live down the road from my parents and see them every day even though I once wanted to move a long ways from my mother. I am glad that I live close and when I go to visit and my mother reads to my two year old daughter every time we go over. I had a period of years where my mother and I argued, but it passed and I appreciate her pushing me to believe in myself and to try and take risks. So happy Mother's Day to her.

My wife is far more patient with our kids then I am and she tries very hard with them. To be honest it took a long time for us to have our first child and we were thrilled to be parents. My wife had to wait a while to become a mother and I knew she would be good at it even if it would not be easy. Now that we have two children it is more difficult at times, but my wife tries hard and she puts up with me. So Happy Mother's Day to her as well.

And a Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers who may be reading this!


Blogger Anonymous Mom said...

I love what you said about your mom and am glad you are friends with her now. My son and I are really close but we have similiar tastes in music so that helps :)

I stopped by to wish your wife a Happy M's Day. Read what I wrote ok?

1:38 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Bar bar a- I read what you wrote. Thanks for dropping by both blogs.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Knowing both your mother and your wife, I know that they deserve all that you said!!!

7:15 AM  

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