Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Number six

I am almost half-way through my top ten hard rock/ metal albums of 1986. So number six is .....

Megadeth-Peace sells, but who's buying?

Honestly I once had this album up around number three at one point years ago, but it hasn't aged as well as other albums on this list. I don't think it's as heavy or as tight as I once thought it was. What's good about it are the odd arrangements, unique riffs and the song topics. Megadeth brought their own sound and they were seldom copied. This was their second album, but the one that broke them in. They started this tour opening for Motorhead, but were booted after three dates with Lemmy saying that Mustaine was ordering Motorhead's road crew around.

**On Wednesday we move into the top half with number five. It's the highest ranking debut on my list. Here's the big hint- this band's founding bass player was from the midwest, but he set out for LA to form a band. He ran out of money before he could reach LA and formed a band in the place where he stopped.


Blogger Amy said...

Hey! haven't been around in forever... to show you how long, I'll say - I totally love the look of the site now.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous fred charles said...

I've been soured on Megadeth for some time now. I was excited about their last album but Dave Mustaine has been acting kind of annoying since then. I usually try to separate the art from the artist but when Dave is having bands kicked off festivals that he is playing out because they are satanic, it's hard to ignore it.

That said, I loved this album when it came out. The first time I listened to it was late at night and at low volume. I wasn't impressed and thought that I'd wasted my money . The next day I listened to it at a much louder volume and was blown away.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

actually, I'm going to defend this album, but you knew I would, Mark...yeah, it's raw, it's edgy, it's choppy, but the brutal anger on this album says what heavy metal is all about...I'll never skimp on this album...well, maybe when I'm 86 instead of 36

8:27 AM  

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