Thursday, August 09, 2007

Questions for you

Here are a few fairly easy questions for you.

-Who needs to release a live cd or dvd? (It can be from a past tour or even a band that is longer together)

-What band should pack it in and give up? Why?

-What band needs to do a reunion tour and or album?


Anonymous Ray Gillen, RIP said...

Great questions!

Pretty much all of my favorite bands have released live cd/dvd's. In particular Iron Maiden. They seem to release one every six months. I would love to see/hear live recordings from some of the old festivals. For example, Donington 1980 with AC/DC headlining, or the Metal day from the US Festival to see Motley Crue and Van Halen. Or how about a live recording of the Monsters of Rock tour from the mid 80's. Any of those would be really interesting to check out.

I think Def Leppard should give it a rest. Joe Elliot looks like a middle aged banker and they haven't recorded any interesting original music in a while.

I would love to see Armored Saint come back around for another album and tour.

6:52 PM  
Blogger The Phoenix said...

1)Live CD: TOOL
2)Give up: Rolling Stones. They look so gross up on stage.
3)Reunion: Guns & Roses

7:20 PM  
Blogger dschalek said...

Metallica should've packed it in in 1989.

7:50 PM  
Blogger BeckEye said...

1. Who needs to release a live cd or dvd? (It can be from a past tour or even a band that is longer together) - No one. I don't like live records because I don't feel that they properly capture the experience. Live DVDs are a little better though, and I'm sure Pearl Jam has one but I've never seen it so I'll say them. Release one every year, why not. The more Eddie, the better. :)

2. What band should pack it in and give up? Why? - Poison and/or Motley Crue. Poison because now they're doing an album of crappy covers that all sound like "Talk Dirty to Me" with different lyrics. Better lyrics than they could ever come up with. Also, CC Deville and Bret Michaels are reality TV stars now. Motley Crue just because I've never been a huge fan and I absolutely hate Vince Neil. Oh, and Aerosmith and Rolling Stones. Sorry, I know that's 4 but they all need to quit immediately.

3. What band needs to do a reunion tour and or album? - Are there any bands left who haven't done a reunion tour? How about Bad Company with Paul Rodgers? I don't want him in Queen anymore.

10:43 PM  
Blogger David Amulet said...

I have never liked live albums or even DVDs--they are cheap, sensory-deprived versions of the real experience. So I vote that we have enough.

Time to retire, Aerosmith. You're becoming caricatures of yourselves, guys, and it's starting to look silly.

The band Spiral Architect produced one fantastic album but I haven't seen anything in years, so I'd vote for that group. I'd also love to see Genesis--with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett back in the band, relegating Phil to drums and only drums--produce something truly progressive. But I'm not holding my breath.

-- david

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Rhodeislandrock said...

1. I know they already have live CDs but a live DVD with archival footage from Riot would be awesome.

2. I hate to say it but my favorite band needs to leave the party.....KISS

3. Van Halen with Diamond Dave & Mike Anthony

3:40 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

1-A live album or DVD from the Diamond Dave era of Van Halen would be great.

2-Ozzy because has been a joke for most of the last decade. He has nothing less to give. He's just tarnishing a once great image with everything he does anymore.

3-Armored Saint would be my first choice. Second choice would be Rainbow with Dio singing.

4:05 AM  
Blogger George Vader said...

Any dvd of classic Van Halen is a must, there's so many shows out there on bootleg already, Buenos Aires, US Festival, Caracas, Largo etc but loads of TV appearances that could be put on an official double dvd.

Give it up:Kiss, though in all honesty they have, when was the last studio album?!?!

A few shows at Wembley Stadium would be nice.

4:12 AM  
Blogger RockDog said...

Cool questions Mark!

1. Live CD/DVD - Man, I would kill to see some of the early club days of Motley Crue when they were young and wild...and not yet a household name. I'd love to relive that energy and raw entertainment.

2. Give It Up - My first thought was the money making machine known as KISS. They have long outlived their usefulness, but as of this morning my real answer would be Van Halen. I would rather have the untarnished image of classic VH in my head than the geriatric train wreck that is supposed to happen later this year. I LOVE Roth and classic VH, but I have bad feelings about this tour...

3.Reunion - Hmmmm...tough one and all that comes to mind are these great local bands from my youth! A national act I'd like to see get back together...I'm going to say Keel. I saw them in Syracuse a long, long time ago and they put on a great show and were by far the tightest band I've ever heard play live! Great time!

6:43 AM  
Blogger captain corky said...

I would like to see ALL of Van Halen get their stuff together for one solid tour before it's too late. That would be cool!

8:12 AM  
Anonymous FredCQ said...

1. Morbid Angel, King Diamond and Merciful Fate.

2. Ozzy.

3. Faith No More. I have a bet with my brother that they will reform in 5 years.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Pixie said...

Hallo Marky, I am too lacking in HM knowledge so I will just pass through...

7:28 PM  
Blogger Myric said...

When I was a kid a live album was something special, capturing a band doing what they were supposed to do best - playing live. Never mind that we all learned later that Alive and Unleashed in the East were basically studio re-tracks over a decent theatre recording. When Live After Death came out, it became a requirement for all metal bands to have a live album. Now, there's hardly anyone who doesn't already HAVE a live album. The only band I can think of would be The Sword - but before they do, they gotta put out a second solid album.

Bands to hang it up?
-Ozzy, it's over (and Sharon has enough diamond studded turds already)
-Aerosmith - when was your last original album? Do we really need to hear the same basic riffs re-re-re-rehashed?
-Stones; aren't they done yet?
-Metallica - If Metallica doesn't do something AMAZING with their upcoming album, they should do a "Our Best Albums Revisited tour" playing nothing but Kill em, Ride, Master, Justice and Garage Days cover tunes, then bow out on top instead of being the laughingstock of metal fans.
-Iced Earth and Blind Guardian. Enough with the mediocre albums from both bands, just combine the two FOR REAL instead pussyfooting around as Demons and Wizards, call it Iced Guardian and show the mass of power metal clone bands how it's done with Ripper up front.

Comeback? A previous comment noted Rainbow. That'd be awesome, too bad Cozy's not alive and Blackmore has his head up his own ass. Great guitarist, lousy human being.

7:32 PM  

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