Friday, October 12, 2007

Tigertailz-Thrill Pistol

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This is actually a two disc set as it has the new release plus the previously unreleased U.S. version of “Wazbones” that was recorded in 1992. I was fairly letdown by the last disc “Bezerk 2.0” because although it was loud and the vocals were strong, it just failed to rock and had a mechanical sound to it. “Thrill Pistol” fairs a bit better as it manages to be more of a rock album and at least touch upon the great sound that this band had back in their prime. It took a few spins, but gradually it started to sink in. The hooks are not as strong as I would have hoped or liked, but the effort is there at times. What bothers me most as that many of the songs just don’t rock. That’s sad considering that 17 years ago they were one of the top glam bands going and it’s because they knew how to rock and made catchy tunes at the same time. The songs are admittedly less muddled than on the previous album, but it still feels like the music is being held back and we are not getting the full of this band. I know what they are capable of due to earlier albums and I really don’ think that it’s just age. The impression I get is that they are trying to be more than a glam rock band yet they are not really bringing enough of anything to be impressive. This not only leaves would be fans out, but it tends to alienate the older fans. The energy is there for the most part and I like the vocals, but I was hoping for more. On the up side this comes with the U.S. version of “Wazbones” which is likely their second best album. It does rock and sucked me in right away. I would have been cranking this like crazy if they had released in 1992. Instead I will just have to settle for cranking it in 2007 and on. Not the album I was hoping for, but it’s above average and it may grow on me.


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As I said before, I hereby nominate Mark as president of the Unofficial Tiger Tailz Fan Club

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