Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Check out Watchmen


I recently recieved an e-mail asking if I would got and check out this band so I went over and listened to them. Watchmen have been around for almost five years and are from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They had three tracks up over at their Myspace page. I would say they are melodic hard rock sounding a bit like bands from about 1987-1991. The first two tracks were somewaht similar to early Mr.Big while the third track reminded me more of late 80's Whitesnake. The vocals are strong and the music was overall solid. Not totally original, but very tight and they know how to build up a song and keep it going. So go over and check them out.



Blogger rock_of_ages said...

I bought their self-titled album last year based on the snippets I'd heard. Some serious worship at the alter of Coverdale on it... which is fine by me! I will give it a full review at "ROCK OF AGES" eventually.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Diabolus said...

hey buddy thanks for read me! this band is one of the best from here, nore they are performing their new 2nd album...I've seen just few new songs u can check someones on youtube:

Lonely Rider -

No More War -

Nowhere To Hide -

I gotta go friend, see u soon! cheers from Argentina

8:49 AM  
Blogger Tommy said...

This site does have some cool videos but for more in-depth and exclusive metal action woozyfly – is my source – check these guys – um I mean girls - out vhttp://www.woozyfly.com/kittie - They rock just about as hard as they are hot!

10:16 PM  

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