Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's coming up?

I was watching Semi-pro with Will Ferrell the other day and although it's not a very good movie it did bring to mind a much better movie. Semi-pro had Jackie Early Haley in a bit part as a hippie, but seeing him reminded me of the great film Breaking Away from 1979. This movie would probably be in my top ten films of all time, but for some reason I have to get around to buying it on DVD. Maybe I'll get it for Christmas this year. Anyways I hope to have the following out this week.

Glyder-Playground for life and Weather the storm (maybe both on the same day)
Early Man-Beware the circling fin
Sister Sin-Switchblade Serenade
Those who bring torture-Tank gasmask ammo
Detente-History 1

plus interviews with...

Plus last month I forgot to do a First Day Flashback so I'll make it up by doing two on October 1st.

Have a great week.

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