Monday, February 02, 2009

1977-Rock 'n Roll

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These days it seems that you cannot turn around without running into a tribute band. 1977 fortunately take a slightly different approach. Instead of merely knocking out cover songs, these guys opted to create an album of all originals. The hook is that they have crafted their songs to sound like KISS did back in 1977. Actually I think the sound here is similar to all the KISS albums from 1976 and 1977. The guitar tone is very much like the way Ace Frehley played back then. The vocal harmonies are close to Paul and Gene's style. Obviously these guys spent many an hour listing and absorbing those classic albums from the mid-late 70's. Many of the songs presented here are so close in style to classic KISS tracks that you could compare track listings and draw lines matching up which songs that 1977 were inspired by. They keep it interesting though probably due to their love of the band that they are emulating. They pay attention to detail as every little twist and turn is geared to sound like it was done twenty plus years ago. Even the little pops and hissing between tracks appeal to me as a long time vinyl fan. Simple it may be, but the songs are easy to get into and a fun listen for sure. After playing the disc for a second time I found myself inevitably singing along with the choruses like I had known these lines for years. In the end the approach of doing originals based firmly on the KISS style sure beats hearing the umpteenth cover version of "Cold Gin" or "Detroit Rock City". The band's enthusiasm and love for this type of music certainly shines through in all aspects on this album. Let's face facts it's been a long time since the real KISS have done a studio album this honest and enjoyable. So KISS fans and fans of 70's hard rock should really check this one out.

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Blogger Hard Rock Hideout said...

Nice find Mark!! I will definitely check these guys out.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Kevin H. said...

Spot-On review Mark! For me, listening to 1977-ROCK ‘N ROLL takes me back to my 14th birthday, I got two albums on that faithful day, one of witch was Love Gun by KISS. As with the KISS record, I can’t put “Rock ‘N Roll” away either!

The members of 1977 have nailed the spirit of 1970’s KISS with this one; 1977 Rock ‘N Roll is well worth a first, second and third listen. Actually, I have just about worn my copy out. Rock ‘N Roll lives up to the standards KISS set with both Destroyer and Love Gun, with its stand-out tracks Ladies Come First, Blast Off and Do You Know What I Want.

If you’re a fan of The Hottest Band in The World or a rock music fan in general, then this is one CD you should definitely add to your collection as a reminder of the days when rock and roll was fun. 1977 Rock ‘N Roll is a perfect time-capsule of melodic, riff driven rock and roll from start to finish!

8:18 AM  
Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Point me in the right direction, I'm definitely interested, particularly since I'm a major Thin Lizzy kick and other seventies rock stuff

5:33 PM  

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