Friday, March 20, 2009

Kylesa-Static Tensions


The latest release from Savannah, Georgia' Kylesa is one those albums that is chock full of sounds and energy. They don't tease their listeners with much build-up and they certainly don't waste time. They might very well get lumped into the doom metal pile for lack of a better label. That's not entirely accurate because their music is heavier and thicker than your typical doom outfit. Now the pace is slow and dripping with gobs of sludge. One of the best aspects of this band are the spine rattling heavy beats that flow throughout. I suppose that's easier to produce when you have two drummers going at it. The guitar has more layers of fuzz and distortion rapped around their sound. Undoubtedly this adds texture and gives the music a dark and brooding feel at times. However there are times where I found myself adjusting the setting on my stereo because the vocals were being covered by the guitars. So the sound did keep some tracks from being as distinct as they could have been. Kylesa are fairly aggressive in their approach and that comes through naturally. I did the feeling that some of songs were too similar in their sound. That might also go along with my above point about the lack of distinction on some songs. Yet Kylesa still bring a lot to this release. They go at it strong and are not afraid to hold back. Now every song works, but they have developed their own sound and that's very important. Even though I had some minor problems with it I think this disc will appeal to a fairly broad audience and it might be the breakthrough release for this band.

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