Monday, April 06, 2009

Acid Drinkers-Are you a rebel?

Metal Mind

I never heard of Poland's Acid Drinkers back in the day. I think I only heard the name in recent years despite the fact that they are still around knocking albums out. That's a shame because they really were/are something special even here on their debut. By 1990 thrash had been around for several years and there were plenty of bands who were just going through the motions and hoping to achieve success by just straight out copying bands like Slayer, Exodus and the like. This band were on a track all their own. Sure, they had some definite influences. I would say Anthrax, Tankard, Dead Kennedys and DRI all come to band, but that just the tip of the iceberg. I guess the easiest way to explain it is to just to say that these guys were nuts and I certainly mean that in the most complimentary way possible. It's thrash and crossover, but they are way too quirky and crazy to be restrained by such basic labels. They knew how to play fast, loud and heavy, but then they just take off on a tangent and slap in whatever they wanted. Obviously they did what they liked and didn't think twice about whether it was metal enough or whatever. I can respect that approach and what's more is it comes off brilliantly on most occasions. Never has chaos and humor been so unexpected yet worked so well. The element of surprise helps this disc because it was hard to tell what they were going to do next. I am sure that this wasn't and still isn't for every thrash fan, but I found it to be fresh even though it's almost twenty years later. The only remotely negative thing I have to say about this disc is that I wish that I had heard it when it first came out in 1990, but at least I am getting to hear it now. This Metal Mind re-issue includes a lyric booklet and several live and demo tracks.

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