Sunday, May 31, 2009

Innocent Rosie-Bad Habit Romance


Yet another hard rock act from Sweden, but Innocent Rosie really shine on their debut. This band has only been around for four years, but already they have toured Europe and America.
More than anything they certainly have their chops down as they show them here. This is guitar driven rock that owes much to the likes of Skidrow, Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat and Guns and Roses. They throw in blues rock, sleaze glam and just flat out bone rattling hard rock. Their sound owes a lot to the late 80's-early 90's, but at the same time it leans towards our current era as well. The blend between the eras pulls enough of the best of both time periods into the mix.
The vocals are rough and full of the kind attitude that compliments the music wonderfully. The rhythm section beat and thump along churning out thick layers that help guide the music. The production is nothing short of fantastic as they manage bring all of the energy to the surface. The band doesn't hesitate or worry about sounding slick or polished, but instead they just charge ahead. Innoncent Rosie are the type of band that the scene really could have used twenty years ago, but at least we are getting them now. They could stand to tighten up in some places and hopefully they keep pushing ahead, but nicely done indeed. Certainly this is an album that will be in steady rotation in mys stereo for a while.

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