Saturday, May 02, 2009

Prong-Power of the damn mixxxer

13th Planet/Megaforce

Actually Prong are no strangers to re-mix albums although it has been 17 years since "Whose fist is this anyway?" EP was released. It was 1990's "Beg to differ" that saw this band establishing their own sound and pulling away from the mediocre ramblings of their two previous albums. I was instantly hooked by "Beg to differ", but it was 1991's "Prove you wrong" when Tommy Victor and company really started spreading their wings. They added some industrial blasts and moved beyond just being a metal act. The band got even better after that, but unfortunately they called it quits a few years later. Eventually after stints with Rob Zombie and Danzig, Victor revived the band name and has since delivered "Scorpio Rising" and "Power of the Damager" in recent years. Neither really approach the level the band were at in the previous decade because I truly believe they were one of if the best band of the 90's. There is no denying the impact that Prong have had on heavy music either even if they did get their proper due when they were at their prime. That brings us up to date and leads us to this album. A number of different artists including Rob Caggiano (Anthrax),Virus (Dope), Greg Puciato (Dillenger Escape Plan) and others have been given the reigns and the opportunity to re-mix a total of thirteen Prong tracks. Re-mix albums can be very hit and miss which is understandable if there knob turners from different backgrounds as is the case on this disc. Not all the songs work completely, but if nothing else this is certainly a refreshing collection of different tranlations of some Tommy Victor's work. Much like cover songs, I think re-mixes are only worth listening to if the person in charge brings something of their own to the translation. We are in luck because this disc is certainly filled with plenty of twists and tweaks that at best reflect the ideas of those behind the curtains. It's not perfect of course as a few songs are predictable or limited in their approach, but this is a good tribute to Tommy Victor and Prong. Everyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last twenty years should have already been impacted by Prong. However "Power of the damn mixxxer" helps to re-enforce that notion as we get to hear so many various takes on their music. My hope now is that Victor can come back with the kind of bare-knuckled bashing original album that Prong have not created since "Rude Awakening" back in 1996.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a great band. Never really got the acclaim they deserved. "Cleansing" and "Rude Awakening" are killer albums.

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