Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memory of Steel Warriors


In recent years I was thinking back to some vague memories of these ads in the back of Hit Parader for these independent albums. I remember these horrible covers with some band name with Steel in it. A quick search revealed that it was Steel Warriors who knocked out a self-titled EP in 1984 and "On the road to hell" in 1985. There is a little information on them and a review of the EP here.

It looks like there are some audio files for the albums. I may have to check them out at some point although I can't imagine these being any kind of lost gems. I remember glancing at the ads a few times back in 84-85 and wondering about this band. This was back in the time when I was hoping that every album was going to be great. I guess I still hope that will be the case, but deep down I know better. I wonder if advertising in Hit Parader ever paid off for this band? Obviously these never made it very big, but maybe the ads got them attention or maybe as with me it was the rotten album art that made them hard to forget.


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