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I wasn't sure at all what to expect from this one. I knew that Babylon A.D. founding member/guitarist Ron Freschi was in this band so I was expecting late 80's-early 90's hard rock perhaps. That indeed part of this equation, but certainly not all of it. When I heard someone use the phrase modern rock or modern hard rock I am afraid that I oftentimes cringe. This is because my experience has lead me to believe that bands that receive these labels often tend to be more about slick edges and less about really rocking. Syrym are a band where I feel like they represent at least a good attempt at being what I wish modern hard rock or modern rock was. Much like Lillian Axe they carry the solid riffs and sharp hooks of hard rock from years ago, but they manage to bring in some modern elements without losing their edge. The combination of the two styles isn't always seamless, but it's a worthy attempt with strong results. The production is rich and greatly enhances the sound. There were several songs where the main riffs were so loud and vibrant that they helped the band establish themselves mere seconds into the song. There were places here and there where some general tightening and trimming could help, but overall a very strong album.

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Anonymous Jeffrey said...

Check out the new Syrym video for "Ugly On The Inside" on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SyrymOfficial

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