Wednesday, September 23, 2009

JFA-To all our friends


If a band puts out a strong live album then you know that any subsequent live albums are going to be measured by that standard. JFA's Live 1984 Tour LP was a great measure of where this skare punk band was at that point. It was very honest and packed with the energy that band brought to their live performance. I am not sure why these guys chose to do another live album at this point. Of course it's not on the same level as the live album they did a quarter of a century ago because they just don't have the youthful fire they had back then. They might actually be tighter this time around just due to experience. They still rip into their songs and plunge forward. All too often an older band comes out and they just sound tired and come across as a pale version of their former selves. Fortunately that's not the case for JFA. They may be in their forties, but the spirit and foundation of what made them so likable and even fun in the 80's is still there to some extent. Their version of the Charlie Brown theme is still vibrant although their version of "Lowrider" isn't quite as strong primarily because Exodus did such a great version twenty years ago. Anyways JFA still knock out a fast and furious set.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that this came out but I don't think I can put ears to it. I love I saw them 84/85ish at a laser tag place in Virginia Beach. they were great. One of the few skate rock bands that I liked.

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