Friday, February 19, 2010

The best bargains

As a companion piece to my post yesterday I thought that I would share a few bargains I got on vinyl because fortunately I didn't let them all get away.

The greatest yard sale ever-There is a yearly community yard sale/flea market thing at a nearby town and years ago it was better than it has been in recent years. In the spring of 1992 I stumbled upon one house on the strip of yard sale places that was back from the others and I think people skipped it because of that. That mat helped me because it was hours after the even started but this place had boxes full of albums. I didn't have a huge amount of money, but I did get Judas Priest's Sad wings of destiny on picture disc, Ozzy's The ultimate live picture disc, Grim Reaper's Fear no evil, AC/DC-Put the finger on you 12 inch single, Alice Cooper-Killer and Montrose-s/t. The picture discs were $3 a piece and the others were a buck a piece.

In the early 90's a lot of stores thought vinyl was on the way out so in 91-93 I picked up a lot of stuff cheap. I remember going to one store and buying a number of Twisted Sister, Dio, WASP, Venom and other 12 inch UK singles for .50-$1.00 each. Many of them were new and still sealed.

In 1989 a mall store was clearing out lots of metal on vinyl and I got King Diamond's Abigail and Slayer-Live undead on picture disc for like $4 each.

I am sure there were others, but those are some of the best ones that come to mind.

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OpenID metalodyssey said...

Unreal great Metal hunting stories! That is what it's all about... hunting for Metal or finding Metal when you least expect it, then you find it's cheap too!

As I see it, better you and better me to make these finds... other than the "other guy." I shudder to think of the great finds that I drove by, walked by or was not patient enough to see. A very large majority of my collection is from making "these great Metal finds."

Great posts on a topic I can blab about for hours on end.

2:16 PM  

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