Sunday, March 14, 2010

Uriah Heep-Celebration



Uriah Heep decided to honor their 40th anniversary with an album consisting of twelve re-recorded classics and two brand new tracks. This was released on the other side of the Atlantic in 2009, but it is just seeing it's North American release here in early 2010. This is a band that was very much one of the founders early heavy metal, but they have never got quite the notice and maybe even respect that they deserve on this continent. Back in 2008 they released "Wake the sleeper" which was their first studio outing in ten years and they generally outstanding reviews. So I guess they decided to follow it up fairly fast with another album. I would have preferred all new material, but the two new tracks "Only human" and "Corridors of madness" are both quite good. Both have the trademark sound of this band, but manage to be fresh enough to stand out.

I am not sure why the band decided to do an album of re-recordings as I could think of better ways to celebrate their anniversary. Vocalist Bernie Shaw has been with this band since 1986 and he has done these classics in concert many time and on several live albums this is the first time we get to hear him doing studio versions of these songs. He sounds superb as does the rest of the band as they go through some of their most memorable songs. Now I am sure if anyone besides steadfast fans are going to feel like this is must have. Still it's quite good for this kind of album as it makes me want to pull out their other albums hear the original versions too. If it does that the album is indeed helping fans to enjoy and celebrate Uriah Heep's music and contributions.

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