Saturday, June 12, 2010

Canvas Polaris-Irradiance



Progressive metal and prog-rock in general are styles where I know rather quickly what I think of a band. There is typically not a lot of middle ground for me when I judge this type of music. Most prog type bands fall into one of two categories for me either they leave me feeling cold because they concentrate so much on the technical aspect and very little on the emotion or they find a balance between skill and emotion and they pull in completely. Enough about my grading though because the new one from Georgia's Canvas Solaris easily falls into that second category. This is more instrumental prog-metal and as good as anything they have created during their ten years of recording. It's still the kind of music that might most be appreciated by musicians instead of just the average fan. However there is definitely more of a metal edge and even a more direct approach from the band this time around. This slight in change likely calls for the listener to step up to really be able to absorb the busy almost continually changing cycle that is going on. When you do focus is you will be rewarded by an album that is pleasing on different levels. The playing level is fantastic, that's a given. On an emotional level they manage to find the right between sounds and textures to really build the song and have you excited about what is coming next. These were my feelings from the first play and that analysis was confirmed upon repeated listenings. I have been a fan of these for several years, but I think that they have undoubtedly outdone themselves this time around.

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