Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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Every musical style seems to come back in fashion at some point and in various forms. It seems to has happened a great in hard rock and metal over the last decade. Whether it's thrash, glam, death or classic metal there seem to be plenty of bands that have popped that play these styles similar to the way they were played back in the 1980's to early 90's. Certainly there are bands who build on that sound, brought some ideas of their own and maybe added some more modern ideas. There are other bands whose mission seems to be to relive the look and sound of bands from two plus decades again. I loved metal back then and still do, but it's hard to take younger bands whose total goal seems to be to sound just like it was 1985. If it's done right and it's a debut then I might be able to take it. However I always have the hope that this is a starting point and that the band will work to bring in their own ideas the next time around. If they come back sounding like it 1986 on album #2 then I tend to be less optimistic that they do anything other than live in the past. Now that may sound hypocritical for me to given the name of my blog. Still I stand by that view. Now I do think a high energy level can help a band's approach even if the music is all too familiar as is the case with Enforcer's latest effort "Diamonds". I normally judge these bands like all others in a case by case basis. However I have read reviews from both sides. Some reviewers hear these bands and embrace them because it's the style they love while others roll their eyes when they hear bands who stick to this style. While I often claim these bands lack originality I have been told by defenders of these bands that being good means more than being original. I think lacking in ideas can count against a band. While I liked how Motley Crue sounded in 1983 or how Slayer sounded in 1986 that doesn't mean I want to hear a band popping now sound just like them. Then again that may just be me. Feel free to chime in, add on or tell me off.

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Blogger Heff said...

I agree, but hell - some bands CAN'T HELP IT. EVERY TIME I write a song, it sounds like it came straight out of 1984. It's just me.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Heff- I understand to some extent. If most of what you listen to is from a certain time then your sound may just be like that. The bands I am refering to seem to really just limit themselves and never even try to reach beyond a sound that was done two decades I go. Then again it ultimately boils down to each individual band. Some move ahead after their debut and others do the same thing over and over.

3:35 PM  

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