Monday, August 02, 2010

Empires of Eden-Reborn in fire


This power metal release is the second from this act. Guitarist Stu Marshall (Dungeon, PainDivision)has a number of guest vocalists. The list includes Zak Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle), Steve Grimmet (Grim Reaper, Onslaught),Mike Vescera (Loudness), Sean Peck (Cage) and Carlos Zema (Outworld). That certainly is a lot of talent they have loaned to them for this outing. The music is typical of the style with soaring riffs and lots of melodies. The music is undeniably tight and well paced. The biggest problem is I am sure that they got the most that they could out of the vocals. I have to lay the responsibility on Marshall's shoulders since he is likely calling the shots. The vocals are frequently too low in the mix and the guitars take center stage very often. I think the production could have had more of a balance. Instead they got a number of name people, but didn't really allow them to open up. This is decent power metal, but when you consider who is involved this seems like a missed opportunity. It's still a fine effort, but certainly could have been better.

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