Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 25 albums of 2010


Andy posted his top 25 the other day and I finally got around to getting mine together so here you go.

1-Ufomammut-EVE-Beautiful, bizarre and brilliant all at the same time.

2-Iron Maiden-The Final Frontier-It’s not a Matter of life and death, but still really good.

3-Slough Feg-Animal Spirit-The masters knock out another masterpiece.

4-Gallows End-Nemesis Divine-This was has been climbing up my list for months.

5-Stone Axe-2-Like stepping back into 1971.

6-Earthride-Something wicked-In your face mean spirited doom.

7-Kylesa-Spiral Shadow-Not quite the monster I was hoping for, but still plenty to offer.

8-Helloween-7 sinners-Still the best power metal band going.

9-Armored Saint-La Raza-Wow, they really branched out this time around and pulled it off quite well.

10-Cough-Ritual Abuse-Just heard this one in recent weeks. Glad I didn’t miss out on it.

11-Bison BC-Dark Ages-Thick and heavy metal with lots of muscle behind it.

12- Ratt-Infestation-Shocker of the year. Their last album was 11 years ago and blew hard, but they came back put out probably the second best album of their career.

13-Dusted Angel-Earth sick mind-I was blown away by their EP last year and this full length didn’t disappoint.

14-The Ocean-Anthropocentric-Now I need to hear Heliocentric.

15- Canvas Solaris-Irradiance-Normally prog metal isn’t my thing, but I have been into this band for a while now.

16-Skullhammer-Pay it in blood-Fantastic retro-thrash.

17-Enforcer-Diamonds-Good, but unlike everyone else I preferred the previous album.

18-Sister Sin-True sound of the underground-Not a great year for hard rock, but this was one of the better releases in that style.

19- Exodus-Exhibit B the human condition-Rerecording Bonded by blood a few years ago was a mistake, but they bounced back from it nicely.

20-King Giant-Southern Darkness-Southern fried hard as nails stuff that will stomp you flat.

21-Heathen-Evolution by chaos-Perhaps their best album.

22-Halford-Made of metal-How come the last two Priest albums stunk and all of his solo stuff is good?

23-Sungrazer-s/t-Heavy psychedelic madness.

24-Darkthrone-Circle the wagons-Thick, noisy and powerful.

The Sword-Warp Riders-Made the list, but disappointing for them.
Witchsorrow-s/t-Great outing from UK doom trio.

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Blogger Andy said...

Great list Mark. I really agree with the Halford comment. The last couple of Priest albums have been very disapointing to me. Sister Sin is worth checking out for those who are not familiar. Good hard rock/ metal. Very in your face with catching riffs.

11:57 AM  
Blogger The Mule said...

Hey, I thought I'd be the only weirdo to pick Ufomammut as the Best of 2010! You stole my thunder. My top 10 will be up at soon and I'm working on a longer list for difficult music.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Andy-This year's list took me longer than usual to figure out.

Th Mule-Glad I am not alone on this call although I though that I might be.

9:35 AM  

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