Monday, March 14, 2011

The Approach and The Execution-The Blood March

Self Release

For all of my regular readers who follow my reviews (yes, I am referring to all of you over at Glenbeigh and the Ohio Reformatory for Women) you should already know that I am pretty high right now on the Buckeye metal scene. You can't blame me for my surprise at finding out that there is more going on around these parts than just Chimaira and Mushroomhead. I mean the mainstream music media (or as I like to call it the bathroom reading mags that I would line a birdcage with) would lead you to believe that our metal community is as tired as our sports teams. Nothing could be future from the truth my friends! The Approach and The Execution hail from Akron, Ohio (don't hold the whole LeBron James debacle against them-remember you can pick your poison but you can't pick your neighbors or something like that!) and have been around since 2008. Despite only a few years under their belt and already attempting to orchestrate a musical takeover over of the prog/metalcore/power/thrash genre these five guys (and one gal) have put out a very accomplished album in The Blood March. The band might sound at first as if made up of dozens of different metal musicians especially as it seems like everyone takes a crack at the vocals. In reality though it's just Michael Notte-vocals/guitar, Julie Peterson-vocals/keys, Jeremy Langham-vocals/guitar, Nick Kozono-vocals/bass, Andy Fisher-lead guitar and Riley Kovac-drums banging out ten battle hymn anthems. Rest assured boys and girls this isn't some "Dance party USA teeny bopper type of shit" lyrics either. Lyricist Jeremy Langham weaves a tale filled with such rich imagery that you really do need the lyric sheet in front of you to appreciate just how involved the story is. And of course the music is pretty killer to. I wouldn't even begin to know how to describe a band that is equal parts Killswitch Engage, Megadeth, Dragonforce, Coheed and Cambria and Iron Maiden. All I know is that I haven't obsessed over something like The Blood March since that whole unfortunate "incident" with the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament blond female soccer player back in the eighties (and man I needed years of therapy to get over that issue so I hope The Blood March is worth it!). Find out for yourself why this album draws me in like a zombie in need of brains at the group's Myspace page below. My Top 25 of 2011 is going to be tough at the end of the year with great album's like this popping up only three months out!


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