Monday, March 21, 2011


Chaos Records

Mexico’s Warfield are a pretty young band having formed in 2008. This seven song EP is their follow-up to 2009's full length Conquering the Black Horde. It includes three new non-album tracks, three bonus live cuts, and a bonus rehearsal cut. What you have here is blackened death metal that oozes with poisoned, demonic doom. Not much here to distant it from the countless other black metal acts out there but I'd argue that in a world where Justin Beiber graces the cover of Rolling Stone maybe we need all the black metal bands we can get just to keep the cosmic balance as it is. One last thing while I'm at it kids you might want to avoid giving your Catholic grandmother a heart attack and wait until after she leaves to play "Vomit On The Cross (live)". I'm not so sure she would dig that.


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