Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ruins-Chambers Of Perversion

Negative Existence

Originally released as a limited edition vinyl piece (250 copies) Chambers Of Perversion sold out almost immediately. Now Negative Existence is set to offer the official CD release from Germany's one man band Ruins. The promo raved that this album contained 8 tracks of “Black fucking speed metal”. Having never heard Ruins I confess to being a little surprised upon first listen. Ignore the cover and song title/lyrics for a moment and just listen to the music/vocals. If I didn't know better I'd swear the music was speedcore born of bands like Cryptic Slaughter. And the vocals? Either Blaine "Fart" Cook (The Accused) or Mike Dean (C.O.C.) lent a hand to this recording or these "hellish raw throaty vocals" are more hardcore than black. One could easily replace the anti-Christian lyrics with political rants and imagine this being a lost treasure of the crossover movement. What a weird surprise. Just goes to show you that not every cover tells the tale of what lies waiting to be unleashed upon your eardrums.


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