Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anthrax-"Fight ‘em ’til You Can’t" Single

Nuclear Blast Records

With their new studio album Worship Music due to be released on September 13th Anthrax is offering the track “Fight ‘em ’til You Can’t" as a free download. With Joey Belladonna now back on board yet again this will be the first new Anthrax material in eight years and the first for Belladonna since 1990's Persistence of Time. The album is now being called a comeback release from those who have heard it, but will it be that good or is it just the hype machine in action? From the sounds offered on "Fight 'em 'til You Can't" it looks as if the band is trying to recapture the thrash found on albums like Among The Living. Maybe Anthrax is truly making an effort to regain the hordes of fans who have abandoned them over the years. Thrash is back in a big way and even though Anthrax hasn't been relevant in years could this be the music they need to make a last gasp grab at being a heavyweight again?

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I have not really cared about an Anthrax album since The sound of white noise which was almost twenty years ago. I liked two out of three of Joey Belladonna's solo discs, but the last one was like eight years ago. I'd like to hear the new Anthrax album when it comes out, but I am not counting on it being great.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I'm not counting on it being great either. I listened to Anthrax in highschool and loved the stuff with Joey. After he left though I didn't follow them. I love John Bush in A.Saint and all I just never thought he was right for the band. I doubt the band will stay together long enough to make any sort of real comeback. Scott Ian used to be cooler than cool. Now it just seems like he is money hungry and a diva in training!

6:59 AM  

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