Friday, July 22, 2011

Eliminator-We Rule the Night

The Forge

This 5 song EP seems to have slipped by most of us in the heavy metal community unnoticed. No doubt it would be quite the shame to let this one pass by for even a minute more. Even if it is a few months old We Rule the Night deserves mention. This little bundle of heavy metal might not seem all that different than the flood of retro-acts hitting the market at first. That said this Lancaster (U.K.) five piece not only pays homage to the usual legends of heavy metal (Iron Maiden and Judas Priest naturally), but others like Jaguar,Virtue,Angelwitch,Heavy Load and Elixir. You and I both know that the United Kingdom is still breeding bands like this. Usually though they are a dime a dozen. Eliminator have style though, a real gem of a band playing not so much to be in vogue but rather for the love of it. You can tell the band is for real by way of the opener "The Warrior...of the Skies". This powerful number flat out rocks and showcases a young band that just might already have the much needed skills to develop into an honest to goodness force to be reckoned with. Eliminator doesn't play off the music almost tongue in cheek like too many bands these days who try to outdo Iron Maiden and the like. No, they take NWOBHM and classic 80's metal and bring it up to date somewhat making We Rule the Night a true statement! They might be a shade rough around the edges. That is to be expected for a band just starting out. That said this one is just way too good to pass up for fans looking for no frills heavy metal. Obviously if your into Enforcer, Cauldron and the like you'll flip for this one. Even if your not these guys have charm and a sense of true conviction making this one worthwhile. Another up and coming act that has produced a worthwhile EP. There is room to grow and with time Eliminator might not slip by people so easily. Find out more below.


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