Saturday, August 27, 2011

Abused Romance-Shine

Freeway Records

Freeway Records (which is a division of Freeway Entertainment) is a relatively young label. Formed in 2009 by Russ Regan (former president of Motown Records, 20th Century Records) and general partner Kent Jacobs (Police, Kiss, Prince, REM) one of their first acts to be signed was Los Angeles based melodic rock band Abused Romance. After discovering the band in July of 2009 Regan and Jacobs helped Abused Romance secure a management deal with Velocity Entertainment, Inc. and a distribution deal with Bungalo/Universal Music Group Distribution. What makes this latest Los Angeles find so special? Why all the hype? Simply put if they play their cards right Abused Romance look very likely to be the newest act to make Los Angeles a rock music destination. Not since the Sunset Strip music scene has a band come along with this much raw talent and nowhere to go but up. There is no way that Abused Romance's brand of melodic rock should be as addicting as it is and yet I can't put this one down. Abused Romance is made up of Meir Yaniv (Vocals, Guitar), Amit Ofir (Guitar), Roy Chen (Drums) and Aetam Jakob (Bass). Right off the bat on Shine you notice their strong musicianship. This band is killer tight. Next your captivated by Meir Yaniv's vocals. Just listen to the title cut and you'll be drawn in. The albums first single was the excellent "Overcome" but honestly it's not the only song that's appealing. "Hit and Run" is good as well as "Rise" and "Bleeding". "Room 2238" features a smoking hot guitar solo from Amit Ofir that makes me think here is a band that good easily make an impact in the hard rock scene. Musically Abused Romance push themselves into hard rock territory on Shine although they are also equal parts melodic rock, alternative rock/metal and even some nu metal (don't let that put you off as they do it so well). "Shine" was produced by Justin Gray ( Joss Stone, INXS members and many more), mixed by Randy Staub (U2, Metallica, Nickelback, Bon Jovi) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Paramore, Metallica, Green Day). It sounds incredibly professional. It's clear and crisp with just enough "snap" to leave you wanting more. The best part about "Shine" though is the fact that the band is offering it as a free download from their site. There is also a 2 CD set for sale with the second disc being a live affair. With the band set to tour with Alien Ant Farm (odd I know!) there is no telling how far these guys will go. In the meantime be sure to check out "Shine" at the link below.


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