Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jorn-Live in black


The concert was recorded live on the 10th of June 2010 in front of more than 25 000 people. "Live in Black" has 17 songs taken from Jorn's solo releases. It contains tracks from his "Worldchanger" era up to his last album "Spirit Black". I hate when you get a live album and it sounds just like the studio versions only with some scattered audience noise in between songs. When I hear albums like that I wonder why they were even released or I just assume they plopped them out to fulfill a contract commitment with their label. Fortunately Jorn and his band brought their A game for this performance and actually it sounds like the audience did as well. A number of the songs here are even heavier than their studio counterparts and the band pushes hard to give a solid performance. Jorn himself gives a great performance both with always consistent vocals plus he feeds off the obviously thrilled crowd and vice versa. His band keeps up the same kinds of energy. We are also treated to a drum solo and two guitar solos. This album reminds me on some of some classic live metal albums of the past where it's okay to just give it all be a bit over the top. Really a fine album that I hope to listen to even mopre in the next few weeks.

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