Monday, November 28, 2011

Speedwolf-Ride With Death

Hells Headbangers Records

Speedwolf hails from Denver, Colorado and features ex-DDC front man Reed Bruemmer in it's ranks. Bruemmer runs Splattered Records and seems to have a thing for old school sounds as Speedwolf continues the trend started by DDC. This is a perfect fit for Hells Headbangers Records since they love all things retro in nature. Here Reed teams up with guitarist Kris Wells, bassist Jake Hoffman and former Havok drummer Richie Tice to take a walk down memory lane. In other words this is the sound made famous by Motorhead, G.B.H., early Metallica and the others. You could call this punk biker metal and no one would be the wiser. I hear what your saying though out there. "Why not just listen to your old Motorhead, Tank or Discharge albums and save your time and money?". What would be the fun in that though? "Ride With Death" is a fun album even if it isn't breaking any new ground. You can tell Reed loves those older bands and just cranking out punk metal. Check out the title cut or numbers like "I Can't Die and "Death Ripper" where Speedwolf just sit back and let it all hang out there. Sure Motorhead had the same thing going for them 20+ years ago and admittedly some of the material washes into the next. And yet one can't help but smile at that album art and music that doesn't take itself too serious. This is "Balls To The Wall" heavy metal. Nothing more and nothing less.


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