Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vise Massacre-Expendable Humans

Gorilla The Horse Records / Earsplit PR

"Expendable Humans" is a self-recorded release from Brooklyn-based Vise Massacre. At only 31 minutes or so in length this 14 track album comes into the room, smashes the joint up and the leaves. Good hardcore should leave you with one of those "what just happened" moments and "Expendable Humans" does that. There are no fancy words needed to describe this album or the band for that matter. Vise Massacre merge some speedcore and noise with basic hardcore for a style that is all but gone from the scene. This trio rip through these tracks creating aggressive music for aggressive people and in the process leave no doubt that true hardcore hasn't been killed off by mallcore. I'd wager Vise Massacre were influenced by the likes of Black Flag, Cro-Mags, Circle Jerks and even Cryptic Slaughter as "Expendable Humans" is old school infused hardcore. That said Vise Massacre give us their own rough take on the genre and have forged their own style. Good, heavy and ready for the rumble this is gritty and real music. If only more bands carried this much integrity.


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