Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rocka Rollas - The War Of Steel Has Begun

Stormspell Records

After reviewing Rocka Rollas previous demo material (and loving it!) I am still not sure how I let this one slip by me. Released in November this LP is a perfect fit for Stormspell Records. After all this Swedish band sure knows a thing or two about crafting pure speed metal bliss. Given the name of the band you might be tempted to expect more of a Judas Priest vibe. I'm sure these guys have listened to Halford and company of course (after all doesn't every young metal musician at one point or another?) and know a thing or two about traditional metal. That said what you have here is more of a Running Wild party going on with a side order of Helloween and a shot or two of liquid courage (or some New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal love if you will).
With great song titles like "Metal The Posers To Death", "Fight For The Loud" and "More Metal Than The Steel" you just can't go wrong folks. Tack on a cover of "Heavy Metal Machine" by Steel (a band that Dan Swäno and Mikael Akerfeldt took part in briefly) and what you end up with "The War Of Steel Has Begun" is a nice slab of old school loving traditional/speed metal fun.


Anonymous Ced / Rocka Rollas said...

Thanks for the review ;) wondered if it was ever going to show up.

I can inform that the second album is now 50% recorded and way more awesome than this one... Not as simple and in-your-face, more epic and "serious". All music is done, only vocals left to finish now.


PS. I have another guitarist now who's contributing to the songwriting so it's starting to form into a real band sooner or later, and live shows awaits

3:39 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I was hoping you would send me a copy. Please hook me up if/when you release your next one. My email is

9:38 AM  

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