Monday, September 10, 2012

Wet Nightmare-s/t


Handshake inc.

The press release described this one as being for fans of Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Assuck. Wet Nightmare are a two man act from Delaware. This album consists of short bursts of grind, death and other noise loosely slapped together. Some times they are very loose like rehearsal type loose. That's what we get here, it has a real live in the basement or garage feel. Many times that would be a good trait, but this time around it's not. It's heavy and it's loud but then again so is a jackhammer on concrete, but I take no real pleasure is listening to that for any period of time either. Normally this kind of short blasts of grindcore noise appeals to me but this band never really caught my attention. Even if the songs are brief there should still be a direction of some sort and Wet Nightmare miss out on that more times  that they hit on. The results are that this very tedious to listen to. It's need to have more of a focus for me to find something to latch onto. Try again please.

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