Thursday, November 08, 2012

Paragon-Force Of Destruction

Napalm Records

With life itself passing us by at the speed of light (or so it seems when we find ourselves all the older with more years behind us then possibly ahead of us) let's get right to the point with this one-short and sweet here this one is for all you fellow "the louder the better" metal fanatics out there.This is German metal at it's finest. It's also heavy metal with that sort of mentality-"the louder the better". That is a very good thing indeed. The band's tenth studio album features guest vocals by Piet Sielck & Kai Hansen and, thanks to Piet Sielck (Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian and Iron Savior), the album sounds clean and crisp with everything sounding just right. Nothing fancy here thankfully. Just heavy speed/power metal from a band that still has what it takes to make you forget, if ever so briefly, that time is passing you by. In those brief moments of metal bliss you can feel alive and, as Billy Joel said, "forget about life for awhile".

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