Friday, June 21, 2013

KB36 - Fish Eat Fish

Pure Steel Publishing

Russian rock band KB36 started off as a studio-project back in  the beginning part of 2009. A year later the project started taking on the shape of a real band and, after a few years of fine-tuning their sound, we now find ourselves with KB36's debut album. "Fish Eat Fish" finds lead singer/song-writer Tengiz and company (Oleg-guitars, Sergey-bass, Dima-keyboards and Lyosha-drums) playing musical chairs with various genres all of which, more or less though being experimental, fall within the framework of rock/hard rock. This Moscow-based act are not the weirdest bunch I've ever heard though so please don't go about this one expecting to hear experimental Mr. Bungle type rock. About the closest this batch would be to Mr. Bungle would be that band's front-man's other act Faith No More. Then again, this bunch is really much more streamlined as the band goes about experimenting with classic rock musically and lyrically (just like our old favorite 60's and 70's classic rock acts used to do the lyrics here focus on "personal themes and social concerns") meaning you've got this hipster act that had me visualizing the likes of David Bowie and Robert Plant (both of whom had careers in which they weaved together different sounds and textures as well as different styles) as well as artists like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Lou Reed. Again, we're talking about artists that cut their teeth on different kinds of music while all retaining their distinct sound.  "Fish Eat Fish" sounds like this Russian band then which, even through all the variations, means these rockers have already tapped into their own sound. That's pretty freaking sweet when you step back and think about it! When was the last time a young act achieved something like that?

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