Monday, July 22, 2013

Church Of Void-Dead Rising

Svart Records

Having previously released/made initial contact with a limited-run, 4-track EP called "Winter Is Coming", which, incidentally, also came calling with just a lonesome and despair-inducing face for album art, this 5-piece Finnish act now presents their full-length debut LP. After first soaking in this album's artwork, which is chilling to say the least, I moved on into the inner sanctum that is "Dead Rising". Once this album starts to unfold it's obvious that the above album art is an effective starting point and it sets the mood perfectly Church Of Void's full-length debut recording. But, it only tells you so much and in no way can it prepare you for what's to come. For you see it's the music within that is the most caustic. Hard-edged, electrical doom rock? That seems just about right. Church of Void, who first came together in 2010 when it was assembled by vocalist Magus Corvus, point toward the likes of Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and Pentagram for the doom while Scandinavian downer rock like Mana Mana and Babylon Whores fills in the blanks. I can't vouch for those last two (their ripped straight for the promo material), but I will say that the overall picture is one where everything fits together snugly. As wave after wave of this eclectic/electric doom comes crashing down it's interesting to note that while the music might just be downright spooky there is no talk of the devil to be within their lyrically content. Instead Church Of Void writes about the human condition which gives them a foot up on the competition one would have to argue. As vocalist Magus Corvus puts it "We write our material both as individuals and as a group, and most of it draws inspiration from archaic human instincts, needs and emotions". That's something you don't see, or rather hear, everyday from a doom touched outfit! "Dead Rising" is due out on August 30th on CD and LP.

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