Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Acacia-Tills döden skiljer oss å

Art Of Propaganda

Sweden's Acacia spent 2007 to 2012 as Livsnekad (which resulted in two EPs and one full-length LP) before the name change and this, the band's "full-length" release. To be clear it does look as if the name change was only put in place as a suitable means of releasing "Tills döden skiljer oss å". Especially as this 5-track release features 4 musicians with ties to Livsnekad. Oh, and while it is only 5 tracks this release runs an hour of so. That makes it more like a full-length release. Also, while Livsnekad was more of a black metal/doom metal outfit (and a good one at that!), this is even more slow-tuned and it applies a pleasantly thick layer of depression rock. Hell, that just goes along with the depressing vibe of this 5-track release that is technically black metal, but then again is also not really black metal. Confused? Don't be. This is one of those releases that requires an open mind, but also just might end up appealing to more then just your typical (or is it atypical?) black metal fan. If slow, doom-laded, slightly blackened depressing rock sounds like a real turn on then this should be right up your alley! And yes, I did enjoy the cold blackness of this long-suffering debut release.

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