Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Six Minute Century-Wasting Time

Nightmare / Sony / R.E.D.

Six Minute Century are a Houston, Texas-based power metal/progressive rock/metal band. The group's roots trace back to 1993 when they were originally going by the name Mystic Cross. As Mystic Cross a pair of albums were released before the group ended up switching to their current moniker in 2004. Now, as Six Minute Century, the band is all set to release this, their sophomore output, later on in mid-October. The driving point of this band (And Mystic Force before the name change?) seems to be Don LaFon (Also of Krucible and Logan) who, in addition to (one would assume) writing all of the music on "Wasting Time", provides the kind of virtuoso guitar playing that elevates a band like this past mere progressive metal and into the same realm that a musician like Steve Vai would inhabit. Meanwhile the lyrical content on "Wasting Time", which seems to be written mostly by vocalist like Chuck Williams, covers historic events. To that end the group added samples/sound clips to this album to give it a touch more impact. Now, speaking of vocalist Chuck Williams, you've got a guy that can certainly sing even if he is too often overshadowed by the playing of Don LaFon. While the promo material doesn't provide any further line-up information other then LaFon and Williams, which seems a bit short-sighted to me, the other two musicians who look to be involved on "Wasting Time" are Michael "Dr. Froth" Millsap (Well Of Souls, live-Helstar and guest musician with Eumeria) and Mike Lewis (Helstar). Both Millsap (Bass/NS Stick) and Lewis (Drums) provide WAY above average performances here, as they are both quite skilled-musicians, so why they were not also highlighted on the promo material I have no idea. Anyway, this is one of those releases that will obviously appeal to fans of bands like Fates Warning and Dream Theater as well as those who love groups like Savatage. But, while they keep things, musically, very close to progressive metal, there are two extremes to Six Minute Century worth pointing out. On the one end the band dips into heavy rock/progressive rock and they do it in such a way that it sounds almost evenly matched with their power metal side. Meanwhile on the other end, which admittedly doesn't get as many visits as one would like to see from a band like Six Minute Century, you have a group that flirts with "...And Justice for All"-era Metallica. But it's just too little to get all worked up about. It would have been really cool if they would done more then just flirt with the sound (Like maybe get to second base at least?), but they don't so, while it's worth mentioning, I wouldn't run out to get "Wasting Time" if you're looking for that sort of "thrash" sound. Despite that little fact being a downer we are still talking about a album that sounds like it would almost be right at home next to some of the "bigger" names in the progressive rock/progressive power metal field. I say "almost" because it's a good album, but it never gets to be one of those albums where you say "Now that is one righteous song!" or "Wow, I should spin that again right now!". But it is a good album and, if you're into progressive rock/progressive metal then this might be worth checking out. is the drummer for Six Minute Century.


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Anonymous Lori Millsap said...

Mike Lewis (Helstar) is the drummer for Six Minute Century. (www.facebook.com/sixminutecentury; www.sixminutecentury.com)

Thanks for checking out Wasting Time!!

Lori Millsap

4:31 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Thanks for clearing that up!

9:08 AM  

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