Tuesday, November 26, 2013

October 31-Gone to the Devil (7" EP)

Hells Headbangers Records

With a new full-length album in the works for Virginia's October 31 (yes!) this 2-track, 7" EP, which features a pretty sweet cover version of Uriah Heep's "Too Scared to Run"!, should have fans worked up in anticipation for the group's long-awaited return! As this is the first new recordings from King Fowley and his cohorts in eight long years, it's comforting to know that this heavy metal collective stills sounds hungry. Formed in 1995, and still featuring the distinct lead guitar playing of "Brian "Hellstorm" Williams,  October 31 looks as if they have found a wonderful new home with Hells Headbanger Records. Judging by the picture below this 7" EP, which features a "Throw your horns in the air like you just don't care!" title cut that is pure heavy metal gold!, is a must for fans and collectors alike! I mean that thing looks awesome right? And the band's first new material for their new label really is as cool as the artwork for this 7" EP. It's a win-win situation for October 31 fans! And speaking of their new label, Hells Headbangers Records is also re-releasing the group's first two albums with a shit-load on bonus cuts on both of them! Sweet right? Hopefully within the next week or so I'll review both of those, but in the meantime I simply cannot recommend "Gone to the Devil" enough! Anyone who likes their heavy metal a little crazy, but with a totally kick ass, fist bangin' delivery should dig these two tracks and everything that October 31 stands for! You can pick up "Gone to the Devil" at the link below.


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